Resume Skill

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Want to impress potential schools or employers?

Include 'Mastery of CertainError Uncertainty Calculator' on your Resume Skill list.  To achieve mastery,


⊕  Use the CertainError Calculator to complete the 8 exercises on this PROBLEMS document to earn points.

+ RESUME Skill PROBLEMS - Mastery of CertainError Uncertainty Calculator


⊕ Need clues?  Follow the detailed steps on each worksheet of this STEPS spreadsheet.

+ RESUME Skill STEPS - Mastery of CertainError Uncertainty Calculator


⊕ Save your work and check your answers with this ANSWERS spreadsheet.

+ RESUME Skill ANSWERS - Mastery of CertainError Uncertainty Calculator


Your completed and saved work documents and verifies this to any school or employer.  Anytime you need review or want to learn about another function on the CertainError calculator app, you can revisit this document and spreadsheets as examples.

After completing all 8 exercises, you will have the experience and skill to apply the CertainError Calculator app to a variety of other problems.   Beyond the CertainError Calculator app is the CertainError Software, suitable for larger (or any size) problems, using the same advanced algorithms and methods as the CertainError Calculator app.