CertainError Software

Some applications already utilize computer systems and existing software.   To enable the implementation and integration of the Duals arithmetic into these applications, some new software has been written in three forms:

  1. Spreadsheet Format: Excel
  2. Object Oriented Programming Format: LabVIEW
  3. Text Based Language: MATLAB

The text-based language format best fits other languages such as C++, Python and Mathematica.   Some codes written in MATLAB convert text codes to Duals arithmetic by changing the number representation, arithmetic and functions used.  See Tutorial 10 – Can CertainError Software Improve Your Calculation?, on our YouTube Channel.

Some initial applications completed in different arenas include:

  • Finance: Black-Scholes Call Option, Portfolio Rebalancing, Variable Interest
  • Medical: Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk, Killer Cell Dynamics
  • Sports: uSPARQ
  • Science: Chaos, Physics Homework
  • Engineering: Electric grid, Multi-component chemical separation, Miniature pressure probes
  • Math: Regression, Geometric Arithmetic

Specifics of these projects and others can be viewed on the Industries tab of this website.

Some of the codes support comparison of different uncertainty methods including Interval, Monte-Carlo, Differential, Chordal and Duals (See Tutorial 6 on the videos menu of the CertainError YouTube Channel).  Initial work has shown that the Duals arithmetic is superior in both its robustness and performance (See Tutorials 7 and 8 for an example of this).

If you are interested in applying CertainError Software to your application, use the Contact form on the ‘CONTACT US’ page. Please provide a brief description of your application and some details such as your field of interest, data sources, the number of inputs you anticipate and the desired answers you want from the calculation. It is also helpful to describe the current software language(s) you use and if there are particular challenges you have.