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  • Black-Scholes Option Formula

    Black-Scholes Option Formula

    READ FULL REPORT: Uncertainty Arithmetics Applied to the Black-Scholes Model by Ronald LaFleur.pdf   BACKGROUND: In ‘long selling’ the buyer…

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  • Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk

    Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk

    Cardiovascular disease (CVD), including coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke, kills about 610,000 people per year in the United States…

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  • Cell Populations

    Cell Populations

    A primary tool for biological research is cell culture, where cells are grown in a medium under controlled conditions such…

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  • Chaos


    Chaos is a relatively modern topic in physics and mathematics. To summarize, physical systems modelled with simplified linear equations produce…

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  • Curve Fitting

    Curve Fitting

    Curve fitting is the practical way of converting data to a best-fit function that can be carried forward into other…

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  • Economics-Homework-1

    Economics Homework

    Economics is a fundamental topic related to finance when funds are considered.  However, Economics also deals with the broader issues…

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  • Electric Grid

    Electric Grid

    The push toward renewable energy considers electric power sources that have higher variation in output compared to fossil fueled plants. …

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  • Geometric Arithmetic

    Geometric Arithmetic

    Practical computation of error and uncertainty using traditional methods is hampered by many difficulties. For example, the ‘Differential method’ using…

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  • Mean and Standard Deviation

    Mean and Standard Deviation

    A ‘statistic’ refers to a single number measure of a sample.  Statistics relevant to uncertainty are mean value, total covariance,…

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  • Multi-Component Separation

    Multi-Component Separation

    Multi-Component Separation is important in the chemical process industry.  For example, for the oil&gas application, the feed stock can be…

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  • Multi-hole Pressure Probes

    Multi-hole Pressure Probes

    Aerodynamic testing of swirling flows, such as the flow exiting a turbine blade (gas or wind), requires the measurement of…

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  • Physics Lab

    Physics Lab

    Learning about physics is enhanced by experimentation, where measurement of actual events provides a verification of theories.  A set of…

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  • Portfolio Selection

    Portfolio Selection

    When investing, putting all of your money (100% of it) into one stock means you have just one way to…

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  • Tolerance Factors

    Tolerance Factors

    The use of curve-fitting or regression can have the additional result of the tolerance factor that defines confidence limits for…

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  • Turbine Wall Cooling

    Turbine Wall Cooling

    Modern commercial aircraft would not be viable without the jet engine to achieve the necessary altitude and speed.  To extract…

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  • Uncertainty


    The uncertainty project seeks to develop new ways to calculate confidence limits by implementing geometric arithmetic on existing theory and…

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  • uSPARQ for Football

    uSPARQ for Football

    The draft of football players considers athletic performance as one component.  Aspiring athletes from high school and colleges can participate…

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  • Virus Infection Dynamics

    Virus Infection Dynamics

    A virus infects by attacking a host cell and using the cell’s support structure to propagate.  One way the immune…

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  • Weather Forecasting

    Weather Forecasting

    Anyone who has been caught in the rain knows that weather forecasting has its limits and is often wrong.  Long…

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