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Portfolio Selection

When investing, putting all of your money (100% of it) into one stock means you have just one way to gain and one way to loose.   Being uncertain about the future, this is a precarious position that requires patience to ride through temporary drops in price. An alternative is to invest in two stocks, A…
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Economics Homework

Economics is a fundamental topic related to finance when funds are considered.  However, Economics also deals with the broader issues of employment, production, delivery and consumption.  A common issue in finance and micro-economics is the consideration of fixed and variable interest rates as these chart how to finance a business or personal debt and wealth. …
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Black-Scholes Option Formula

READ FULL REPORT: Uncertainty Arithmetics Applied to the Black-Scholes Model by Ronald LaFleur.pdf   BACKGROUND: In ‘long selling’ the buyer of shares of stock presumably wants the shares because they expect an increase in value over the time and expect to sell it to someone else in the future.  But what if you expect the…
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